An Interview

with Kenzie and Carol of KC Double Take:

travel, jewelry, & sleeping in jeans

I’ve had the joy of getting to know the inspiring sisters of KC Double Take, my sweet friends and supporters of BM Jewelry over sharing some cups of coffee and morning meetups these past few years and recently had the most fun interviewing them!  Read along as we cover all the bases of everyday fashion, travel, inspiration and our overall love for this fantastic city that we are so fortunate to call home!

Kenzie (left) in Ravenel Earrings, Four Winds Necklace + Manta Choker, Carol is wearing the Meme Earrings, Atlas Necklace, Sleeping Moon Necklace, and Four Winds Necklace

If you haven’t met the sisters Kenzie + Carol Carter of KC Double Take either on social media, online, or around town you’re missing out!  Their lifestyle and all around vibe just radiates positivity, health, and joie de vivre.  If you’re having a bad day, just head over to their latest Instagram post for a dose of style and sunshiny attitude! Role models indeed.  I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know these two through several fun collaborations and I always look so forward to our meet ups!  Both of these beauties are so sweet, kind, and always make me laugh- I mean, just total babes that are beautiful inside + out!  Since their rad laid-back, beach-bombshell style along with their positivity inspires me so much, I thought it’d be a lot of fun to ask these girls a few questions to share, so you guys can get to know and surely love them too!

Carol in the Atlas Necklace + Sleeping Moon Necklace

BMJ:  You girls are known for not only your total beach-babe, effortlessly polished style, but also for travels, both near and far.  In addition to some fun nearby travels including an insane tree house stay, as well as some holiday fun in Beaufort, SC, you guys also recently went to Bermuda.  It looks like your trip was such a well planned mix of both a little resort lounging in luxury, as well as some off-the-beaten path adventure to non-touristy/quiet hidden beaches.  You also made friends with some of the locals who worked in the resort where you guys stayed!  Would you say you both or does one of you prefer the resort style vacation, or a little more of the adventurous unknown side of traveling?  I’d say personally, I like a mix- I think when you work hard, a girl deserves to treat herself a little! But at the same time I crave the wild and unknown…

KCDT:  We both are on the same page as far as traveling goes.  We want a mix of both luxury resort style and the adventurous unknown side of traveling.  We love a good massage and a relaxing lounge by the pool, but also crave some adrenaline seeking adventures like bungee jumping, sky-diving (still on our bucket list), and finding those hidden gems off-location.


Carol (left) in the Four Winds Necklace + Sleeping Moon Necklace, Kenzie is wearing the Manta Choker on their adventure to Bermuda

BMJ:  Your blog and Instagram account @kc_doubletake are both chock-full of travel and adventure, which is a major source of inspiration behind the Barracuda Moon Jewelry collection and symbolic in many of the designs.  I believe wearing a piece of jewelry that holds meaning and goes with you most everywhere (even if you switch it out sometimes- don’t worry its not cheating!) becomes intertwined with your life’s “story”.  Are you girls ever reminded of a certain trip or even a big life moment when you see a certain piece of jewelry, perhaps an heirloom or just something you’ve had for a long time?

KCDT:  Every time we wear our sea glass necklace from Barracuda Moon it reminds us of our dad who loved everything about the ocean and beach.  It’s probably one of our most loved pieces just because it brings a little piece of him with us everywhere we go.

We also have charm bracelets that our Grandmother from NZ saved for all of us girls in the family. They are charms from all of her world travels, and reminds us of our amazing trips to our favorite country in the world, NZ.

BMJ:  Oh I absolutely love that!  That is definitely my hope, that my pieces bring joy and symbolism to the wearer.  That’s amazing to hear.  So one thing I love about your fashion style is that its always very current and on-trend, but yet it always seems unique and signature to each of you.  Is your style influenced by a certain person, era, or even place/culture?

KCDT:  Lets just say we both have come a long way with developing our personal styles.  We definitely have those cringe worthy moments of looking back and wondering, “What the hell was I thinking?”

Carol has more of an edgy, tomboy look to her style, while Kenzie has more of that chic, girly look.  We both are a jeans & tee girl at heart and feel most confident and beautiful in something simple.  But…we have definitely stepped outside of our comfort zone and have been incorporating skirts and dresses into our wardrobe more but with a little KCDT spin to it.  Anine Bing is someone we get inspired by daily with her effortless, on-the-go style.

Carol is wearing the Meme Earrings paired with the (from top) Atlas Necklace, Sleeping Moon Necklace, and Four Winds Necklace

BMJ:  Oh yeah, I can definitely say I have some cringe-worthy fashion memories… in middle school when I first fell in love with surfing I went through a short stint of wearing a punk-rock style white leather studded belt (in my head I was channeling Gwen Stefani!) and lots of surf brand tee shirts!  Thankfully for everyone it was temporary and I found my style…speaking of learning about personal preferences etc., if ya’ll could live anywhere besides Charleston (I mean please don’t go though!) where would you live and what’s the one thing about Charleston you’d miss?

KCDT:  We both would have to agree that we would move somewhere on the west coast, like California.  We have traveled to Dana Point and Laguna Beach quite a few times and absolutely love it.  We could have the best of both worlds with the mountains nearby and the beach.  One thing we would NOT miss is the Humidity. 😉  We would miss a lot about Charleston, our friends we’ve made, the beach, our neighborhood.  We have such an awesome spot where we both live, and have created such an awesome space!

The beauties behind KC Double Take, Carol and Kenzie.  Both girls are wearing the Dainty Golden Sea Necklace

BMJ:  I think I also would find my way to California, but I’m pretty sure I’d whither and dry up without the humidity, I absolutely love it, but I know not everyone feels the same!  Well, as an obvious accessory aficionado, I’ve got to ask: What is each of your favorite type of accessory- shoes, bags, or jewelry?

KCDT: “Are jeans considered an accessory” -Kenzie

She would sleep in her jeans if we let her!  Carol’s favorite type of accessory would hands down be hats.  Most days you won’t catch her without a wide stiff-brimmed hat.  It’s almost like her security blanket.  HA I feel like the hats have definitely become a staple and a known feature when you hear KCDT sisters and blog.


You can find an extra dose of adventure and shop their style if you head over to and follow along on Instagram @kc_doubletake

A HUGE thank you Kenzie + Carol for being so positive and amazing!  Thankful for your love + friendship!